SCOAP Making a Difference: Enhancing Recovery of GI Function

At the SCOAP Annual Retreat on May 4, 2010, Dr. Anthony Senagore, Professor of Surgery at Michigan State University, spoke about several controversial issues around avoiding post-operative ileus, including ways to limit ileus by avoiding prolonged PCA use, prudent management of epidural use, and increased use of opiod antagonists like Entereg. 

SCOAP is addressing these issues in the following ways:   
1) Tracking on prolonged use of PCA – Beginning in Q1 2011, we will track the number of days with PCA.
2) Tracking on the adequacy of epidurals to allow patients to void – Beginning in Q1 2010, we will track foley catheter use beyond postoperative day 2 among patients receiving epidurals.  This is one way to asses if an epidural is high enough to allow mobility.
3) Increased opioid use – We continue to track the use of Entereg, and be part of the emerging evidence that determines if Entereg is making a difference in the community at large.  

Dr. Senagore’s slides can be viewed here.  

For more information on the retreat, visit the Retreats page on the SCOAP website.


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